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My name is Ken and I served two great churches in Texas for 18 years before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, to become the Managing Director of Leadership & Adult Publishing for LifeWay Christian Resources (adult Sunday School).  On this blog I will post quotes, articles, and links that will help you get to know the world of LifeWay’s adult Sunday School resources…and it’s a big world!  So big that I wanted to create a way for you to link in quickly to information that you need to carry out your leadership role in the church.  I was impressed with LifeWay’s vast array of curriculum lines, teacher resources, and support for pastors and staff in the area of Sunday School when I served the local church, but after joining the team at LifeWay, I realize how much more there is than I once thought…and I want you to know all the good things that are available to help you be more effective as a leader in your Sunday School.  Sunday School has a great history and a bright future for those who will work hard at it…it’s not for the feint of heart…but it is incredibly rewarding and can be the most effective ministry your church has to assimilate people into the church and watch them experience spiritual transformation.

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