C-G-S-G Helps Learners Become Balanced

If you haven’t heard about C-G-S-G (Connect-Grow-Serve-Go), you will.  Connect-Grow-Serve-Go is a quick way to remember the four key things that a balanced follower of Christ should be doing:  Connecting with God and others, Growing in their understanding and application of Scripture, Serving in the church as needs are discovered, and Going into the community to serve others.  That’s it.  Pretty simple.  Scriptural.  So why are so many Believers living imbalanced lives?

Many Believers gravitate toward one or two of the four elements of C-G-S-G.  One person may do a fine job at GROW (they attend worship, Sunday School, and take discipleship courses offered by the church…they love biblical knowledge).  But they may do so to the exclusion of GO, and never put their faith into practice in the very community in which they live.  Or, someone may SERVE, but they do that so often that they neglect the GROW element.  Get the picture?  If people are imbalanced, then our churches (which are not buildings, but the people who make up the congregation) can become imbalanced, too.  We wonder why so many churches don’t make an impact on their communities…it’s because the members are not making that a part of their lifestyle.  Balance is important.

O.K., now the important question:  “What can I do to help my people live more balanced spiritual lives?”  It’s a great question that needs a serious answer.   One key action step that LifeWay has taken is to build C-G-S-G into each of its adult Sunday School curriculum series.  You’ll find that an entire Sunday School lesson is a “GROW” or a “GO” lesson, and you’ll see icons in the body of the Leader and Learner Guides to alert you to the fact that a particular point in the lesson, or a recommended application of the biblical text, is either a C-G-S-G element.  It brings C-G-S-G to the forefront of our thinking as we study, prepare, teach, and learn.   LifeWay has the only Sunday School curriculum that intentionally helps Christians to begin living more balanced lives.

In addition to that, every resource LifeWay produces is identified in its resource catalogs as either a C-G-S-G resource.  So if you believe that your Sunday School class members are imbalanced and need to SERVE more in the church, you can quickly identify other Bible studies and resources that can help you educate, train, and motivate them to move out of your class and into the church to serve.  It works the same for the other elements of C-G-S-G…just decide where you or your class is the weakest, pick up a resource, and get going on becoming more balanced!

Resources for C-G-S-G are available by following this link:  www.lifeway.com/adultstrategy.  There you will find PDFs, PowerPoint slideshows, and many other resources to help you talk about implementing C-G-S-G in your adult Sunday School.

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