LifeSpan is a Promise Backed by a Plan

Would you like a compelling message that connects to the hearts of guests who visit your church?  Sure you would!  Would you like a plan that your Sunday School leaders could get behind?  Sure you would!  Would you like to put an end to bouncing around between “the latest and greatest” in new curriculum?  Sure you would!  Do you have a  plan to spiritually transform each member of your church over the course of their lifetime?  You do now.

Just what is LifeSpan?  It’s a promise backed by a plan.  LifeSpan is a message that communicates well to potential new members, current members, and all Sunday School leaders because it promises that Sunday School resources from LifeWay connect in such a way that biblical concepts taught to preschoolers are built upon and expanded during the gradeschool years, and those are again built upon and expanded during the teenage and adult years.  LifeWay can promise (and back it up) that if you  choose their Sunday School curriculum, they’ll have age-appropriate, Bible-based solutions for a person’s entire life.

The Levels of Biblical Learning are key to the LifeSpan strategy, and provide a foundation for all curriculum.  Preschoolers are taught 8 key biblical concepts, gradeschool children are taught ten, and students and adults have 15 biblical concepts that make up the core of their Bible study curriculum.  Throughout a person’s entire life, LifeWay’s resources provide depth while at the same time being age-appropriate.  Careful coordination between preschool, children, student, and adult curriculum developers means that your church receives a comprehensive plan for teaching and training people of all ages.

View a short webcourse on LifeSpan and get the information you need to determine if LifeSpan should be your church’s promise to its members and guests.  Click here to go to the LifeWay webcourse on LifeSpan

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