Testimonial Shows that Sunday School “Is Not Quite Dead”

One of my favorite movies has been Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I enjoy the British-style sense of humor that permeates the movie, and the memorable lines that my friends and I still quote  back and forth to one another.  One of those lines comes from a scene in which a man (played by John Cleese) is carrying a relative who has recently died (he thinks) out to the curb like you would carry a bag of trash.  The medieval garbage collector can’t take the person because, as it turns out, the relative is still alive…he’s not quite dead.  “I’m not quite dead” the man says, before being left on the street, and the line becomes one that is repeated at multiple times throughout the movie as it becomes a running gag.  Before you take Sunday School out to the curb, you need to realize “It’s not quite dead.”  Take for example, a letter from an actual LifeWay customer (a pastor from Texas) who had the following experience with the LifeTruths Sunday School curriculum:

“Our church has an average attendance of about 1100 on Sunday morning and we are in a community that is overwhelmingly parents in their early 30’s.  We are literally bursting at the seams with young families.  Sometime ago our Young Adult Pastor made the decision that Lifeway did not offer the best Sunday School materials for our teachers and he went with a different curriculum.  Last spring he began to examine the revamped Life Truths curriculum (at the strong urging of his pastor).  He found it to be relevant, insightful, and very well written.  He passed the samples on to his teachers.  The teachers all agreed it was the best offering on the market for young parents.  Editor James Jackson is to be commended for his leadership in bringing the Life Truths materials back to the forefront of materials for young parents.  So, through you, I say to him and his team that they have done a great job.  The innovation and insights are well received that they have brought to this curriculum.”

So you can see that this church, one that is “busting at the seams,” is using LifeWay curriculum to reach young adult couples and their families.   Sunday School “Is not quite dead,” and LifeWay has biblical solutions for Sunday Schools everywhere, like the LifeTruths line of Bible study curriculum!  LifeTruths has suggestions for parents to engage in spiritual conversations with their children (Deuteronomy 6) and ideas for follow-up activities after Sunday School has taken place.  Through the K.I.S.S. Connection (a weekly e-mail that’s short for Kids In Sunday School) parents can keep up with the topics, Scriptures, and central truths their kids are studying in Sunday School.

So don’t let anyone tell you that Sunday School is dead, or that it can’t reach today’s young families, or that LifeWay doesn’t have the right Bible study solutions!

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