LifeWay will launch new adult curriculum line in Fall 2012

I  have recently hired Trevin Wax to become the first Content Editor for a new line of adult Sunday School curriculum that will launch in September 2012.  Trevin was first recommended to me by Dr. Ed Stetzer who has tremendous confidence in Trevin’s abilities and understanding of the church landscape in the SBC.   LifWay currently offers six outstanding adult lines (Explore the Bible – a book by book study, Bible Studies for Life – topically driven study, YOU – for multi-ethnic congregations, MasterWork – based on books by leading Christian authors, Life Connections – a Serendipity small group resource, and LifeWay Lessons – downloadable lessons available via the internet).  The new line of curriculum will be a 7th option for adults and will be very different than current curriculum lines.  The new line of curriculum will tell God’s story of His involvement in human history, and will be based on a series of doctrinal studies.  This approach will systematically help adult learners deepen their understanding of the core doctrines of the Christian faith, while placing God’s involvement in human history in a context that is easy to understand.  The new line will be “theologically robust,” and will help adults comprehend the deep meanings contained in the pages of Scripture.

To learn more about our new editor, go to his Kingdom People blog by following the link.

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