“Courageous” opens strong…predicted to hit $9-10M opening weekend

I took 40 of my editors, graphic designers, and assistants to see Courageous on Friday afternoon and we had a tremendous experience.  I’d seen it 4 times before its theatical release, so I was curious to see what their reactions were, and I wasn’t disappointed…they loved it.  Early predictions are that it will have a strong opening weekend and surprise Hollywood insiders.

The website BigHollywood posted this on their website today:  CourageousHas the potential for Fireproof like opening numbers ($6.8 million). In fact, look for the film to finish around the $9 million range, easily beating that mark. This healthy opening will surprise Hollywood (in a good way) again.

LifeWay has created a partnership with the producers of Courageous and released a 4-week Bible study based on the movie plus other resources for men and women.  A more extensive 8-week study will be released in early 2012. 

To see a complete listing of resources related to Courageous, order tickets, and get a synopsis of the movie, click here to go the the Courageous landing page at lifeway.com

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