Spotlight on Teacher Resource: QuickSource…it’s Really Quick!

My next blog post was going to be Part 2 in a series on weekly teacher training, but I just had to slip this one in!  I was asked to be a substitute teacher at the last minute this week in a class of young adults.  I had a very full schedule (like all of you) and I wasn’t sure I could commit to teach, but my church had a need, so I said yes.

My next decision was centered around what lesson I would teach (I was not certain if the class used a curriculum, and if they did, I wasn’t aware of which one they used).  I chose to teach a lesson from LifeWay’s Explore The Bible series (ETB) since it is currently in a study of Romans.  You just can’t go wrong with a lesson from Romans.

I knew that with prior commitments, my study time would be short, so I reached for the ETB QuickSource.  If you haven’t heard about  this resource, it’s for use by teachers using the ETB series.  As it’s name implies, it is a quick source of lesson ideas.  In fact, there are three different lesson options each week (a great addition for a teacher to use, or for them to give to a substitute like me, or to their apprentice teacher).  I looked at all three lesson options (one is a Key Word study, a discussion study, and “parable” plan with object lesson).  I could have used any one of these, but I chose to combine elements from all three and make a hybrid version.  I’m ready to teach tomorrow after minimal preparation.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about studying and preparing throughout the week…but without much notice that I was going to teach, QuickSource was really that…a quick source of ideas and teaching plan options.  I spent just under 90 minutes putting my lesson together, and it actually includes pictures from the internet I downloaded to my iPad which I’ll use in class, plus an object lesson to start the class, and some teaching procedures to get the young adults involved in the lesson so the learning is active, not passive.  I wouldn’t prepare like this every week, but in a pinch, this resource is great.  Kudos to my friend Dwayne McCrary who leads the team that creates QuickSource, and to our editor Brenda Harris for creating such a good resource for teachers.

Here is what LifeWay’s QuickSource landing page says about the product:  Explore the Bible – QuickSource Leader provides a quick-preparation guide for the studies found in the Explore the Bible series. The Key Words page defines and highlights key words and phrases found in each study.  For teachers who prefer a discussion approach, ETB QuickSource provides a Discussions & Points plan with questions and related content points. An Object Lesson idea allows you to use everyday household objects to teach as Jesus taught and a Dig Deeper section provides a nugget of insight into one element of the Scripture passage. Target Audience ideas target specific age groups, genders, or interest groups and offer a variety of options to supplement your teaching plan.  ETB QuickSource is a great resource to keep on hand for those times when you have new teachers or last-minute substitute teachers leading a class.

If you’d like to know more about QuickSource, click here to go to the QuickSource landing page at

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