Premastication may be a yummy way to teach, but it’s a yucky way to learn

This week’s book excerpt comes from the book Teacher: Creating Conversational Community. In this Teacher - CCCparticular section of the book, the authors discuss premastication, a term you’ve probably never heard, but you know what it means once you hear it explained:

Premastication is not some ancient theological term waiting to be rediscovered. It is the practice in the animal kingdom – including some humans who have not discovered the baby food isle or don’t have one – to chew the food intended for their babies. The standard delivery system is to spit the partially digested food into the baby’s mouth. Yuck, you say? Well, that’s exactly how a lot of teachers feed their classes and groups. The experience of learning a lot of cool stuff by feeding on God’s Word is pretty yummy to them. It’s pretty yucky if you are on the recipient’s end. Especially a dump truck full. We hope you are so grossed out by this idea that you feed your class in such a way that they have to chew on the Bread of Life.

Teacher: Creating Conversational Community, p.29


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