3 things your Bible study group should discuss before June 1

Time marches on, and summer will soon be here. When June 1 rolls around, there’s a good chance your group members are going to scatter with the start of summer vacations and other hot weather activities. Now is the time to have a few crucial conversations.

Conversation 1: What will the group study in the Fall? If your group self-determines its curriculum, you’ll want to have that conversation earlier than later. It takes a while to agree on a study or studies, you’ll need to allow time for shipping, and time to become familiar with your new curriculum. Of course, if your church determines the studies, then you can skip to Conversation 2!

Conversation 2: Is it time for some group members to leave? That sounds like an odd question, but it’s a good one to have now. It is true that adult groups should have the goal of releasing their best people to serve as leaders in the preschool, kids, student, and adult ministries of the church. A friend of mine once said, “Sunday school should be a clearing house, not a storehouse.” By putting it in those terms, he helped me to see that the best groups hold onto their people with a light, loose grip.  It may be time for a few people in your group to step out and lead groups of their own. The best adult groups are not the biggest ones, but the groups that constantly release people to serve the Lord in other areas of the church.

Conversation 3: What adjustments need to be made? As good your group may be, there is always room for improvement. Ask your group members to evaluate you (the group leader), the group’s ministry in the church and community, your teaching style, and anything else you can think of. Summer time is a good time to perform a “reset” if something isn’t going right.

Evaluation is necessary if groups are going to reach their full potential, and summer provides groups with a 90-day window in which to make adjustments for the Fall. If you’re a group member, share this post with your teacher and discuss the possibilities of having a group meeting for the purpose of discussing these three questions. You’ll need to have answered them by June 1 if you’re going to be ready for back-to-school and the growth that comes as people return to their normal routines in the Fall.




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