Teaching Tip: 7 Phrases That Get People Talking

It’s good for people to talk openly in  your group when you ask discussion questions. The challenge is that not conversation boxevery person or every group is used to responding to a teacher’s questions – they’ve been conditioned to be receivers of information, not active participants in a dialog.

To help your group members talk more when they do respond to a discussion question, consider peppering the following phrases into your vocabulary. Used the right way, these phrases can help draw out people’s thoughts and ideas so that a conversation is created. If you want to move away from your group members’ short answers, say one of the following when a group members answers you with a short answer to a discussion question:

  • “Please, tell us more about that.”
  • “Would you explain what you mean?”
  • “Go ahead and unpack that idea some more”
  • “How do you see that connecting to this Bible study?”
  • “You raise a great idea. What else comes to mind?”
  • “Help us understand your train of thought.”
  • “Talk some more about that.”

One comment

  1. Ken you always have such great practical insights to help us do a better job of sharing God’s Word. Keep up the good work!

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