Does Sunday School have a future?

Today’s blog post comes from a friend’s book, Missionary Sunday School. It’s one of my favorite booksmss-cover in a series of books he’s written. Why is it one of my faves? It gets to the heart of what Sunday School is about. It takes a look at where and how Sunday School originated. And it continues to challenge me as a group leader today. In this excerpt, LifeWay’s Director of Sunday School, David Francis, asks the question, “Does Sunday School have a future?”  Straight from his book, here is what David says about that:

Does Sunday School have a future? Once in a while, you hear people say that Sunday School had its turn and it’s time to move on to something new and innovative. I’m not against new and innovative. I think we should use the tools God gives us to reach the world for Christ…What disturbs me are the words better or more effective are usually left out of that discussion. When Sunday School is done right, with excellence and with a missionary purpose, it continues to be a proven and effective way of reaching the lost in our communities, involving them in service, and mobilizing the local church for ministry…I see it time and time again: Sunday School works and works well….if the leaders are willing to do the work. It is not easy , but nothing worth doing ever is.

Sunday School’s future is brighter in some churches than in others. There is a growing number of churches that have rediscovered the importance of training Sunday School leaders, and are making significant changes in their budgets and calendars to make Sunday School a top priority again.

My conviction is very much like David’s – Sunday School works IF you work Sunday School!

To get your free digital copy of the book Missionary Sunday School, just click here and download it at your convenience!

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