Tuesday Teaching Tip: Use Index Cards to Manage Prayer Requests

I love guiding my Bible study group to study the Scriptures each week. I also love the fact that my groupindex-cards members are open and willing to share their prayer requests with the group. Sometimes when we have a full crew, prayer requests can take more time than I’ve planned. That’s why it’s always good to have a stack of index cards handy. I keep about 50 in my Bible study bag.

Using Index Cards to Manage Prayer Requests

Instead of spending 15 or more minutes hearing prayer requests, hand out one index card per person and ask them to jot down:

  • Their name
  • Their email and/or phone number
  • Their prayer request(s)

Collect all of the index cards, place them in a small basket, and pass it around the room. Ask each person to select one index card at random, and to pray for that person’s request during the week. Also, ask group members to email or call the person to let them know their request is being prayed for.

By using index cards on occasion, you’ll save 10-15 minutes (maybe more) of time that can be used for Bible study. Plus, the change-up of routine will be good for your group, too!

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