10 Trends Affecting the Church in 2017

If you were given a blank sheet of paper and a pen, would you be able to list 10 trends affecting the image001church, perhaps your church, in 2017? Dr. Thom Rainer could do that – and he does in a podcast in which he discusses ten trends that will affect churches in 2017.

The 10 church trends for 2017 which Dr. Rainer discusses are:

  1. Renewed emphasis on evangelism.
  2. Renewed emphasis on practical ministries.
  3. Increased frequency of allegations of child sex abuse in churches.
  4. Increased financial fraud in churches.
  5. The multi-site movement becoming a neighborhood church movement.
  6. An acceleration of church closures.
  7. Church acquisitions becoming normative.
  8. Worship center downsizing becomes normative.
  9. Longer pastoral tenure.
  10. The remarkable shift toward continual learning.

Click here to jump to Dr. Rainer’s podcast!



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