16 Church Trends from 2016

Yesterday’s blog post linked you to a podcast by the president of LifeWay, Dr. Thom Rainer. In that trendpost, Dr. Rainer explained 10 trends he affecting the church in 2017.

Today’s blog post takes one step back – and we will once again hear Dr. Rainer discuss trends, but this time these are trends, 16 in all, from the year 2016. Pay close attention, because these trends are still in affect! The sixteen trends are:

  1. Church security as the fastest growing ministry.
  2. Decrease in worship center size and capacity.
  3. Increase in successfully revitalized churches.
  4. Rapid growth of coaching ministries for pastors and church staff.
  5. Increase in the numbers of churches in gentrified communities.
  6. Increased emphasis on practical ministry training.
  7. Increasing emphasis on groups in churches.
  8. Fewer segregated churches.
  9. The rise of the mini-denomination church.
  10. Increased pastoral tenure.
  11. Rise of alternative ministry placement organizations.
  12. Increase in the number of Millennials who are Christians.
  13. Accelerated decline of 100,000 American congregations.
  14. Churches no longer viewed favorably by many governmental units.
  15. More bivocational pastors and staff.
  16. Dramatic changes in senior adult ministries.

Click here to jump to Dr. Rainer’s podcast about the 16 trends from 2016.

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