Friday’s Hot Links – January 20, 2017

I hope you and your Bible study group are doing well. I had the privilege of speaking to the group Hot links 3leaders at Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, last Friday evening. Brad Hodges, the church’s Discipleship Pastor, held a 7PM – midnight training event for his group leaders that began with a catered barbecue meal at 5:30PM. It was so well done that I’ve asked him to share his training philosophy with you in a future blog post.

Today’s hot links, like the ones I post each Friday, will give you some reading material over the weekend. All of the posts or podcasts pertain to group ministry in some way or another, or they are general leadership principles that will help you in your current role.

Thanks to all of you who are new to the blog this week – we continue to grow in size and influence!

Shoulder to shoulder,


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