Reinforce your Bible Study by using Triad Teaching

Tuesdays on the blog are all about sharing a teaching tip with you, and the tip today has to do with Triad Teaching. At the end of your Bible study session, triadit’s a good practice to make sure your group members remember the main ideas from your lesson. How might you go about summarizing the points? Triad Teaching may be just the thing you should try.

How to implement Triad Teaching

  1. Save about 5-10 minutes at the end of your Bible study for this.
  2. Ask your group members to form triads (groups of 3).
  3. Tell them that each person must choose one of the main ideas shared in the Bible study and present it to the other two people in the group. The person doing the sharing can do this any way they want.
  4. Triad Teaching ends when all three people have summarized one of the main teaching ideas presented in the Bible study. The group members become the teachers – temporarily!

Maybe you don’t implement Triad Teaching each time your group gathers for Bible study, but use it occasionally to reinforce learning and in order to help your group members remember key ideas you presented and guided them to understand.


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