Where’s your Sunday School?

Allan Taylor

Today’s blog post is a guest post by friend and colleague Allan Taylor. Allan is the director of church education ministry at LifeWay, and led the Sunday School of Woodstock Baptist Church to grow into the thousands. Allan asks us the question, “Where is your Sunday School?” Here are Allan’s thoughts:

It may be an unusual question, but an important one nonetheless. Where your Sunday School is determines How it is doing. Let me explain. Like the nation of Israel in the Old Testament, your Sunday School is in one of three places.

  1. Your Sunday School is enslaved in Egypt.

Like Israel, some Sunday Schools have been enslaved by the devil for 430 years! Sunday School is burdensome, a continual toil. There is no joy. There is no victory.

  1. Your Sunday School is wandering in the wilderness.

Some Sunday Schools have wandered around in the wilderness going from place to place but have needed land. They have tried this, and they have tried that. They fuss about this, and they complain about that. These Sunday Schools have lost their way.

  1. Your Sunday School is in the Promised Land.

Now this is the place to be! Right where God meant for you to be and wanted you to be!

NEEDED: A modern day Moses! A catalyst who will say, “No more.” No more enslavement and no more wandering. A catalyst who will take the bull by the horns and lead his people to be trained. Moses led them away from Egypt and to the Promised Land and he trained them in the Word of God. Where is Moses in your Sunday School? Get your Sunday School in the Promised Land!

So how do you move your Sunday School into the Promised Land? Well, Where are you on-track-ss-poster-1_5March 17-18? Let me encourage you to be at LifeWay’s On Track Sunday School Conference at First Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN. We will have great instructors from Preschool through Sr. Adults. You can register on-line at www.lifeway.com/ontrack.

Remember: Where your Sunday School is determines How it is doing! Be There…and see the results in your Sunday School as it moves toward the Promised Land with equipped leaders.

Registration is $55 per person through Feb. 17 and goes to $70 per person on Feb. 18.

I (Ken) will be teaching at this event, and I encourage you to consider investing in this special two-day event. See you in the Nashville area March 17!

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