Practice the “3 P’s” of Group Leadership

If you’ve been a group leader for any length of time, it’s important that you remind dice-pyourself to practice “the 3 P’s” of group leadership. Someone out there reading this blog today is on the verge of quitting his or her leadership role. Don’t. Take more time to really think it through. One or more of “the 3 P’s” may keep you from quitting your teaching ministry:

  1. Persistence – From time to time you may feel ineffective. You may even feel like quitting. May I encourage you to simply be persistent and continue to do the things we might refer to as “blocking and tackling” items? Those are the things that are basic – just like blocking and tackling are basic to the game of football (in fact, Vince Lombardi said that football was nothing more than blocking and tackling). Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Plow ahead. Stay in the game. Be persistent. Keep studying. Contact your group members. Plan fellowships. Do ministry together. Block and tackle. Stick to the basics.
  2. Patience – Leading a group can be a frustrating thing. You study, you reach out, and you minister to people. You plan, you pray, you serve. Even with all those good things taking place, your group may not grow. People may leave to join another group. Attendance may stall out. Just be patient and wait upon the Lord. He will bring new people to your group. He always sees your hard work and is planning a reward for you in heaven. Be patient. Go with the flow. Don’t stress out. Rest in Him. Be patient.
  3. Prayer – Never forget that group leadership is a partnership between you and your Heavenly Father. Remember to pray and ask Him for strength to work the fields that are white unto harvest. Pray and thank Him for your faithful group members. Thank Him for the potential new group members He brings your way. Thank Him for all you are learning. Bless Him for the ways He allows you to join Him in ministry. Bless Him for the influence He gives you to meet needs and change lives. Pray. Then pray some more.

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