The future of Sunday School is in your hands

Mondays on my blog are reserved for presenting you with an excerpt from a book on Bible Missionary SSteaching, Sunday School, or small groups. Today I’ve chosen one of my favorite books – Missionary Sunday School. Like the author, David Francis, I’d like all of us to think more like missionaries as we go about leading our Bible study groups.

David provides his readers with a great, succinct overview of the history of Sunday School in his book. One thing stands out very clearly: Sunday School sprang up as a missionary movement. And if you’re involved in it today (or whatever your church may call its Bible teaching ministry), you’re a missionary, too. You may not be on foreign soil, but you’re a missionary none-the-less. Here are David’s own words:

Once in a while, you hear people say that Sunday School had its turn and it’s time to move on to something new and innovative. I’m not against new and innovative. I think we should use the tools God gives us to reach the world for Christ. Internet conferencing, messaging, and smart phones all have their place. What disturbs me are the words better or more effective are usually left out of the discussion. When Sunday School is done right, with excellence and missionary purpose, it continues to be a proven and effective way of reaching the lost in our communities, involving the saved in service, and mobilizing the local church for ministry. There are other ways of drawing a crowd or taking a small group of believers deeper in their faith, but I’m talking about a Sunday School organized to think like and function as a missionary. I see it time and time again: Sunday School…works and works well…if the leaders are willing to do the work. It is not easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. The future is in our hands.

So, group leader, do you see yourself as a “Sunday School missionary”? Do you believe that you are part of an almost three hundred year old movement to reach people with the gospel? Or do you see yourself as a Sunday morning, on-campus, information dispenser?

As I lead my own Bible study group each week, I want to view myself as a missionary to the culture. I want to be a missionary to my town. I want the men and women I lead weekly to view themselves in that way, too. I want my Sunday School group to be a missionary group. I want my church’s Sunday School to be a missionary Sunday School.

Pick up a free downloadable e-version of Missionary Sunday School by clicking here. David Francis would like you to have a free copy for yourself.


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