Don’t get stuck in a rut – Search!

Tuesday’s teaching tip is all about using this blog as you prepare to teach your Bible study group. Andseo-search-engine-optimization-600-3001 it’s all about using this blog to find help when you get stuck in a rut. When you need a little extra help, use the “search” bar here on the blog.

There are almost 500 blog posts in the archive. Type in a key word and perform a search. Within seconds, if I’ve written about the topic, you’ll see short previews of the posts that match your search. The help you need may be in one of those posts.

If you don’t see what you need, contact me and request a particular post be written to address your situation. This happened last week when a person who follows the blog asked me to write a future post on dealing with difficult group members. I’m on it! The post will appear soon, and it will fill a gap that I’ve not written about before.


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