4 ways to use nametags in your Bible study group

I’ve previously written a blog post on the value of using those inexpensive stick-on nametags in your Bible study group. I’ve had my group members wear them since day one (my wife and I launched a new group in October 2012). Every Sunday morning I arrive early and place nametags on the chairs in my meeting place. Here are 4 reasons you ought to do the same:

  1. They are inexpensive – you’re not going to break the bank by using these helpful little devices.
  2. They are accessible – you can buy them at your neighborhood drug store, local Wal-Mart, or office supply store. Chances are a store within a mile of your house has them in stock.
  3. They signal that your group is an “open group” – open groups expect new people every week (or every time your group meets…maybe that’s every other week?). New group members need help jumpstarting relationships with your current group members, and nametags will do the trick.
  4. You can use nametags to create active learning experiences – I love this one! Think about how many ways you can divide up your group into smaller groups so they can work on an assignment, discuss a question in more depth, etc., using stick-on nametags. Here are several ways to make that happen:  (a) Divide the group by the first letter of people’s first names – A-K are in one group, L-Z in another (b) Use different colored nametags (blue, red, green, black, etc) and randomly place them on chairs…then divide the group according to the color they are wearing (c) Use a few colored markers to place a small “dot” in the corner of each nametag…then divide the group up based on their colored dot (d) Provide different colored permanent markers for your group members to write their names on the nametags, then divide them up based on the color of their name.

You get the idea! Nametags are great tools for not only helping people learn each other’s names, but they can be used to create interaction during your Bible study. Give it a try the next time you teach!


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