Friday’s Hot Links – March 24, 2017

FBC O’ Fallon, IL. group leaders at Thursday’s appreciation banquet

Happy Friday everyone! I had the privilege of speaking to a wonderful group of adult LIFE Group leaders at FBC O’ Fallon, IL., last night. Tom Dawson and his crew did a tremendous job hosting this annual appreciation event for the church’s adult group leaders. If your church doesn’t already have a plan for honoring its Bible study leaders, may I encourage you to take action to make that happen? You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Praise is like oxygen to a worker’s soul.” That is surely the case when teachers get together and are honored by their church’s leadership team. Great job, Tom!

Tom Dawson thanking his LIFE Group leaders at Thursday’s appreciation banquet

Fridays on the blog are always reserved for “hot links,” links to some current articles and podcasts related to group ministry and/or general leadership principles that you’ll want to know. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks!

Shoulder to shoulder,

Ken Braddy

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