Release those adult group members to serve!

Fishermen often catch fish with the idea of releasing them. Bible study leaders can do the same – catch new group members with the plan to release them to serve others beyond the group

Your church has a lot of ministries taking place each week, and some of the most important ones are the Bible study groups geared for preschoolers, kids, and students. The one significant place those group leaders come from are adult groups – so if you’re an adult Bible study leader, you’ve got a big role to play in helping your church staff all the kid and student Bible study groups with qualified group leaders.

Encourage your adult group members to regularly consider whether or not God is leading them to step out in faith and serve others by becoming a group leader for preschoolers, kids, or students. In fishing, we’d call this a “catch and release” policy. It’s good to catch new adult group members, but always have in mind you’ll want to release them one day to leave your group and serve God as they serve others.

Don’t fall victim to the mindset that says “My group is the biggest, so we win.” Instead, adopt the mentality that says, “We win because we’re sending out people to serve.”


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