Early is on time – on time is late

If you’re a group leader, you need to pay special attention to the clock. My Bible study group meets on Sunday mornings starting at 8:45AM. We have one hour for Bible study, then attend worship at 10AM.

My wife and I have to budget our time in the morning to make sure we arrive early, ahead of any members or guests. Just last week, we arrived at 8:20AM in order to do some of the following:

  • Re-arrange the chairs
  • Set out new Personal Study Guides for the next six-session study
  • Place a name tag on every chair
  • Turn on the flatscreen and test the HDMI hookup between the tv and my iPad

We were ready to greet the first members and guests who showed up a little early themselves. Having everything done ahead of time sets the stage for a great Bible study experience for everyone…including me, the group leader!

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