Use tech to teach

Tuesday’s Teaching Tip is all about using some basic tech to teach your Bible study group. I recently invested in two dongles (one adapter for my Macbook Air and one for my iPhone 6 plus). Each dongle cost about $30 and I now have the ability to connect my phone or iPad to a flat screen television using an HDMI cable. My group members can see what’s on my screen, and it adds a dimension to the teaching experience they’ve never had before. I can show pictures, a PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow, or even videos.

The bonus? If I’m traveling and out of space to carry on my bags, I download my PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow to my iPad, and I use that device to deliver my presentation. It takes up a lot less room than my computer and computer bag, and it’s a lot lighter!

One comment

  1. Do you have a link for the iPhone dongle? I have one for my MacBook Pro, but would love one for my iPhone. Does it just put Video through, or does it push audio to the TV as well?

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