Event or strategy? Why it matters for your Sunday School

When it comes to your church’s Bible teaching ministry (Sunday School, LIFE Groups, Community Groups, etc), it makes a difference how you and your members view it.

If it’s an event:

  • It’s limited to Sundays (or whenever your group meets)
  • It’s campus-centric…it’s something that happens at the church
  • It’s built around talented teachers
  • It’s something you do in about an hour
  • It’s something you don’t think much of during the week

If it’s a strategy:

  • It’s seen as a 24/7 ministry – it’s a way for the church to engage its people in doing ministry
  • It’s not limited to the church campus, but groups can meet wherever people gather (homes, offices, coffee shops, restaurants)
  • It can meet on days besides Sunday
  • It’s a plan for assimilating people, teaching the Bible, and carrying out ministry
  • It’s a way to get people involved in foundational discipleship
  • It’s given top priority on the church calendar
  • It’s leaders are regularly trained
  • It’s talked about regularly from the pulpit

Which category comes closer to the way you and your church view its Bible teaching ministry?

If you’re treating Sunday School like it’s an event, that may be part of the problem! Make a few changes and help people see your Bible teaching ministry as a strategy, and not just a once-a-week event.


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