10 Common Factors in Fast-growing Sunday School Churches

The information I’m about to share can change your church and your Bible teaching ministry. If you read this post, you’ll be informed and accountable, so proceed with caution!

The ten common factors in fast-growing Sunday School churches are derived from a survey of churches in the state of Georgia. The research was conducted by the Georgia Baptist Convention and published in the book Key Strategies for Healthy Sunday Schools. 

Without any further delay (and without any elaboration on my part as to the details of each of these 10 factors), here are the top 10 factors in fast-growing Sunday Schools. How does your church stack up? Could the absence of one or more of these be the reason why your Sunday School is stagnated?

The church I presently attend is only doing 5 of these ten factors, which accounts for the stagnation we’ve experienced. A church that I’m currently working with, however, is now doing 8 of the 10 factors, and is realizing growth year-over-year.

#1: 98% of these churches provide ongoing training for their Sunday School leaders.

#2: 96% of  these churches believe that the pastor’s support of the Sunday School is important or very important to the health of their church.

#3: 96% of these churches are overcoming space limitations.

#4: 91% of these churches practice “open enrollment.”

#5: 85% of these churches are using an evangelistic training process or method.

#6: 83% of these churches are creating new Bible study classes.

#7: 80% of these churches have a weekly visitation ministry.

#8: 78% of these churches have a prospect list.

#9: 78% of these churches have high standards for their leaders.

#10: 78% of these churches intentionally organize the Sunday School for growth.


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  1. Hey Ken, I would be interested to know how many of the fastest-growing Sunday school churches have a staff member in charge of Sunday school, such as a minister of education, or whatever they call them.

    __________ John

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