Use TPRs to get people involved in your Bible study

Have you heard of TPRs? I’m betting not. TPR stands for “Total Physical Response,” and it gets people involved in your Bible study. It also appeals to the Physical learners in your group – they love doing something active, and TPRs are “right up their alley.” Here are some ways to incorporate TPRs into your next Bible study:

  1. Take a stand – group members are asked to stand or sit based on their response to a true/false question posed by the group leader.
  2. Raise the hand – group members indicate their response to a question by raising their hands – or not.
  3. Move to an agree/disagree corner – create a situation in which group members must stand and move to one of two corners of the room based on their response to a question you ask.

How many more ways can you think of to get people into your Bible study? In what ways can you encourage people to get physical rather than merely being spectators?


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