Preschoolers and security: it’s probably not what you think

I have enjoyed serving in my church’s preschool Sunday School. My wife and I have provided leadership to a group of empty nest adults, but on occasion we find ourselves subbing in to serve in the preschool Sunday School, too.

Although security is on our minds these days, I’m not talking about the kind of security that requires policemen on campus, or elaborate check-in and check-out systems. There’s another kind of security that is very important to preschoolers.

For the littlest people in the Sunday School, security means providing an environment in which each child knows they are loved, safe, and free from harm. A preschool child will feel the most safe when he or she sees the same teachers in the same room week after week. Familiar routines inside the classroom also help preschoolers feel secure. When the same teachers are in the same classroom and lead the group to have the same (or very similar) routine each week, preschoolers feel secure.

When I served on church staff, my education team and I insisted that men and women who served in the preschool Sunday School were recruited in one year blocks of time. We had individuals and even some Sunday School groups who were interested in helping teach the little ones, but they wanted to rotate and teach occasionally, not weekly. My team and I refused to go down that road. Why? Because the emotional security of the preschoolers was at stake!

If you lead an adult Bible study group, partner with your preschool Sunday School ministry and lead your adult group members to give serious consideration to leaving your group in order to serve for a year, loving and leading a group of preschool children.


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