Respect your 3 kinds of learners

Today’s teaching tip is simple and practical: respect the 3 kinds of learners in your group:

  1. Auditory learners
  2. Visual learners
  3. Tactile learners

Each of these kinds of learners has a different learning preference. And so do you.

If you are primarily a visual learner (like I am) you’ll tend to teach in that style.

Auditory learners – they enjoy listening to a good lecture, can remember verbal instructions easily, appreciate a well-told story and can “see” images in their minds, and process discussion questions extremely well. Their motto is “Tell me.”

Visual learners – they enjoy seeing posters, charts, maps, and reconstructions of biblical people, places, and things. They respond well to Powerpoint or Keynote presentations, and they like handouts (because the information is visible and helps them organize their thoughts). Their motto is “Show me.”

Tactile learners – they enjoy touching objects, physically making things, writing, taking notes. They appreciate a good object lesson, especially one they can handle for themselves. Their motto is “Involve me.”

So how do you show respect to these 3 kinds of learners? Simple. Just make certain that each Bible study you lead has elements that appeal to all three kinds of learners. Move beyond a teaching style that heavily reflects your learning preference. Remember that you are there to serve the members of your group, and respecting the way they prefer to learn is one way to help them connect with, understand, and apply each Bible study you guide them to experience.


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