Have it your way

Do you remember that slogan from Burger King? They once used the “Have it your way – at Burger King” campaign with great success. It differentiated them from other burger joints that produced assembly line burgers. You made your request, and BK made your burger like you requested.

So, let’s have some fun with that as we head into 2018.

Reply back to this post with topics that you’d like to see me address in the coming weeks and months. Have it your way. What’s on your mind? What kinds of things are affecting your ministry? Where’s a pain point?

Tomorrow I’ll post Hot Links, and then I’m going to take off next week for the Christmas holidays and resume blog posting at the first of the new year.




  1. Ken,

    Effective group size is a topic that would help me. My fastest growing classes are the ones that are larger in size, however, they tend to be the same classes where people “hide” and won’t get involved in ministry that needs to be done. Is there a size class that maximizes growth and ministry involvement?

  2. How about, what should the relationship be between the Sr. Pastor and the rest of the staff. What’s his role verses theirs. What happens when they disagree… tease out that relationship.

  3. Hi Ken,

    I apologize that my reply does not relate to a topic I’d like to see…but rather a format that would be awesome to see. I am the Adult Sunday School Director at our church and I send out a weekly email to our teachers related to discipleship, teaching methods, etc. I have, in the past, forwarded some of your emails to them. In fact, I have filed away many (most?) emails coming from you in recent years in my Outlook folders; The Sunday School Revolution back to 2014 and The Sunday School Guy back to 2012.

    Recently I have been sending out Discipleship related videos produced by Josh Hunt. I find (no surprise) that our teachers are more likely to click on a YouTube link and view a 8-10 minute video than they are to read a 500 to 1,000 word written blog. .

    So…have you considered creating video versions of some of your blog topics? (I ask this recognizing that it surely would be a labor-intensive effort). Can’t fault a guy for asking, huh? 😊

    Thanks so much for your ministry.

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