3 Ways to Squeeze the Most out of Summer Months

Summer is almost here – literally just around the corner. How will you and your Bible study group spend your summer? Chances are your group’s attendance will become more erratic as summer vacations take place and people get away to the mountains or to the beach. Don’t maintain the status quo. Instead, do one or more of these things to squeeze the most out of summer:

  1. Reach out to absentees – set a goal of contacting all of your absentee group members during June and July. Some may have joined other churches. Others may have gotten out of the habit of attending your group. Still more may have experienced a family crisis and didn’t want people to know. If people have moved their membership to a different church, let your church staff know so the person can be removed from your ministry list. Otherwise, as you discover ministry needs of your absentees, mobilize your group and reach out to them.
  2. Encourage group members to leave your group – What? Leave your group? Summer is when church staff are searching for new group leaders in all age groups. Remember that the goal of your Bible teaching ministry isn’t to have the largest group on the church campus. The real goal is to help your church in its mission of making disciples. The preschool, children, and student ministries of your church will need new group leaders to serve the youngest members of your congregation. Encourage people in your group to leave and serve others as group leaders themselves.
  3. Turn the teaching over to your apprentice – Each adult group needs one apprentice leader whose goal it is to start a new group. Summer is a great time to give your apprentice primary responsibility for teaching the group. Let them practice, and then coach them and guide them to becoming more confident leading and teaching a group.


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