3 ways to remember people’s names

Most of us struggle to remember the names of people we’ve met.  It’s awkward!  Haven’t you been introduced to a new person, talked with them, turned around to leave and asked yourself, “I wonder what that guy’s name was?”  I’ve done it many times, unfortunately.   If you are the leader of a Sunday School class or small group, you’ve got to remember member’s names and the names of guests who attend your group.


In order to boost your chances of remembering “what’s his head’s” name, use these three simple suggestions and you’ll be more likely to file that new person’s name away in the deep recesses of your mind:

1.  Use the 3X rule – The best strategy I’ve discovered for remembering people’s names is to repeat the person’s name no less than 3 times after the initial introduction.  “I’m really glad to know you, John,” followed later in the conversation by, “So John, where do you work?” and then something like, “John, it’s been great talking with you.”  Using the person’s name during the initial encounter will help cement it in your memory.

2.  Make up a rhyme – If possible, rhyme the person’s name with something that reminds you of them.  Dale’s in sales.  Ken’s into pens.  Dave needs a shave.  When you have a party, call Marty.  I think you get the idea.

3.  Jot it down – After you’ve ended the first encounter, take a minute and jot down the person’s name, type of work they do, hobbies and interests, and any other factoid you learned about them.

There you have it – three simple ways to remember people’s names.  I hope one or more of these will help you quickly learn people’s names.  Remember, “the sweetest sound in a person’s ears is his name.”


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