Teaching with Sense-itivity

It is true that we take in information through our five senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, Five_sensestouching, and tasting are avenues to our minds and the minds of the people in our Bible study groups.

While many of you incorporate different learning approaches as you teach, others tend to “stick with what works.” If that is you, if you stick with the same teaching methods each time you teach, consider including a variety of learning approaches that take into account people’s 5 senses.

The truth is, sticking to “what works” may actually be sticking to methods that don’t work. Variety is the key. Teach in such a way that you appeal to the learning preferences of everyone in your Bible study group. The senses are the gateway to the mind. 

Because appealing to the 5 senses creates a better learning experience for everyone in your group, here are some ways to use the five senses to communicate biblical content:

  1. Seeing – display a map, call attention to a poster, bring an object, use PowerPoint or Keynote, use wall-size Post-It Notes and ask group members to respond to assignments on them, play a video clip.
  2. Hearing – form listening teams, play music, listen to a recording
  3. Smelling – introduce scents such as lavender, peppermint, and rosemary; bake some goodies to share with the group
  4. Touching – give group members a handout or fill-in-the-blank sheet, pass around an object from an object lesson, pray and hold hands
  5. Tasting – sample food and drinks that connect to your Bible study such as bread, juice, roasted foods, etc. 


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