Space – the final frontier

The iconic phrase, “Space – the final frontier…” is heard at the beginning of episodes of the classic TV series spaceStar Trek. The phrase has become part of American pop culture.

Today let’s talk about a different kind of space.

The kind that is not found in a galaxy far, far away (did I just mix two major franchises?).

In Arthur Flake’s classic formula for growing a Sunday School, the fourth step is to “provide the space.” Without adequate room to grow, it won’t matter how many people you’ve recruited or how far you’ve expanded the organization – the Sunday School won’t grow without space. It’s that simple.

To provide space, you can do several things:

  1. Start a second hour of Sunday School. This allows you to use space twice and at no additional costs.
  2. Start new Bible study groups. When you encourage the group you lead to “franchise” or “birth a new group,” you add options for both members and guests who are not regular attenders.
  3. Rent modular space. This is the most affordable option to gain additional space, except for starting a second hour of Bible study (see #1).
  4. Rent other space. Office buildings and other businesses close to your church may provide good options for renting space. Don’t forget to see if a school is available – they can be great places to rent.
  5. Begin home groups. Another low-cost option is to use a hybrid approach to Bible study. Keep some groups on campus, and ask others to meet in homes.

Unless you provide space, your Sunday School will cease to grow. At 80% of capacity, it will begin to feel like it’s full.

How will you help your church grow? Will your group be the one to multiply itself? Meet in rented space? Move to a home?


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