Be a 212 Degree Group Leader!

One degree of intensity makes all the difference. Water is hot at 211 degrees, but at 212 degrees it turns into a cauldron of steaming, boiling water. Steam can power locomotives. And it’s that one extra degree of intensity that makes all the difference. Could one extra degree of intensity could make all the difference in your Bible teaching ministry? The answer is yes. If you teach a Bible study group, one extra degree of intensity could make all the difference for your group and for your church.

One extra degree

If you could turn up the heat on your own teaching ministry, what would that look like? Where would you invest just a little more time? A little more energy? One more degree of intensity?

  • Would you study an extra 30 minutes a week?
  • Would you contact one more potential group member?
  • Would you spend an extra 15 minutes a day in prayer?
  • Would you commit to visit a person who’s been absent from your group?
  • Would you search for that one extra illustration or object lesson that would really drive home the point of your Bible study?

The possibilities are endless! Just remember, though, that little things matter. One extra degree of intensity really can make all the difference.


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    • Hey Sam, I was not aware of you or your book when I composed that blog post. I’ve heard the 212 degree illustration for over 25 years now in sermons and motivational speeches. I decided to apply it to a Sunday School ministry in that blog post you reference. I’ll take a look at your site and your book, and if I ever do another post like that, I’ll link to you and your site. Blessings, Ken.

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