Start a new Thanksgiving tradition in your Bible study group

We’re about one week away from Thanksgiving, and our thoughts quickly turn to the holidays, family, and friends during this time. Many families have Thanksgiving traditions, which includes a time for each family member to say something they are thankful for – health, a new job, the addition of a baby to the family, etc.

Let’s consider starting a new tradition in our Bible study groups. All of us rely on a handful of our group members who are “regulars” – you know the ones – they are present almost every time the group gathers to study and pray together. While our attention might become fixed on a guest or some of the people who are absent, don’t forget to say thanks to your regular attenders. These people are the unsung heroes of group life! They are the ones we often count on to serve as substitute group leaders, to make the coffee, or to greet guests and handle administrative functions for the group. If you lead a children’s group or a Bible study for teens, thank your regulars as well – let them know you value and appreciate them making the group a priority in their schedule.

In this season of thanksgiving, don’t forget to thank your most loyal, consistent group members. Without them, your group just wouldn’t be what it is today. Tell them that. Praise them for the commitment they’ve made to the Lord. Let them know you’re glad they are a part of your group.

This won’t take a lot of time because many of the people who come to our groups are rather irregular in their attendance patterns. Focus on the most dedicated of your group members by writing a note, taking them a small gift, or otherwise showing them your appreciation for their contribution to your group.


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