How to Double Your Bible Study Group

Perhaps the title of this blog post was interesting to you – you want to know how to double  your Bible study group. I can give you a practical way to do that, and I guarantee that it works every time you do it. If you want to double your Bible study group…

Start a new group

Maybe you thought I was going to say, “Here’s how you double your group from 12 to 24 members.” That’s a worthy goal, but there’s another way to double your group, and that’s to go from 1 group to 2 groups.

Now, why would you want to double your group and start another one?

  • New groups grow faster than existing groups.
  • New groups tend to be more evangelistic than existing groups.
  • New groups are easier for guests to connect with.

How do you know it’s time to start a new group? Here are a few tried and true ways to know:

  • When the place you meet is over 80% full.
  • When your group has been together longer than 18-24 months.
  • When guests are not “sticking” and returning.


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