Free Sunday School Training – An Interview with Allan Taylor

Today I wanted to let you know more about an upcoming event led by LifeWay’s Director of Sunday School, Allan Taylor. Allan is a good friend, a special colleague, and an expert on Sunday School. He’s sponsoring an online event, and you’ll want to be a part of it!

Allan Taylor

Ken: Allan, thanks for allowing me to interview you like this. Several thousand Sunday School and small group leaders follow this blog. What can you tell us about the free online training you are sponsoring? When is it?

Allan: Glad to be with you today, Ken. The free online event is scheduled for Saturday March 9, 2019. We start at 9AM CST and conclude at 11AM CST.

Ken: Who would benefit from the training, Allan?

Allan: We hope that pastors, Sunday School directors, and even group leaders would participate. If you’re in a leadership role, you’ll get a lot out of the training.

Ken: Is there a cost to participate?

Allan: No! This is a free event for anyone to enjoy.

Ken: So what is the primary focus of the training, Allan?

Allan: Every church has a mission of making disciples as it goes about fulfilling the Great Commission. Every church, however, doesn’t have a strategy for accomplishing this mission, though. I want to help people learn how to make Sunday School the church’s primary strategy for accomplishing the Great Commission.

Ken: If someone wants to participate, where do they go online?

Allan: They can log into and sign up. When a person signs up, they will receive an email with a PDF to print; they’ll use that printout as their listening guide during the webinar.

Ken: What else do we need to know about this online event?

Allan: Well, we’ll give away some great items during the webinar – two “Sunday School Matters” Training Kits (valued at $139.99 each) and two sets of my Sunday School books. Only registered participants are in the drawing!

Ken:  Allan, thanks for your work and ministry to church leaders as you seek to strengthen the church’s Bible teaching ministry! I plan to be one of the people participating on the morning of Saturday March 9. I’ll see you online at 9AM.


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