3 reasons why you can’t afford NOT to buy curriculum

Occasionally I hear someone lament that “Bible study materials are so expensive.” Are they really? Actually, Bible study curriculum may be the absolute best investment your church can make as it seeks to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples. Why?

  1. A 13 week Bible study is only $.04 per day per person! LifeWay has 3 “ongoing” Bible studies for adults. The new Daily Discipleship Guide (DDG) in those 3 ongoing Bible study series sells for $3.85 per person. For just $.04 per day per person, my church can put a 13 week Bible study into the hands of members and guests. Plus, there are 5 daily Bible studies that come after the group Bible study experience so that people are in God’s Word daily. And these DDGs cost the church less than a nickel per day per person!
  2. Group leaders can invest their time in people. When you invest in an ongoing Bible study for your groups, your leaders can take advantage of the Leader Guide. These leader guides have commentary, teaching plans, and other time-saving tools that free up group leaders to spend time with group members and guests, rather than spending the majority of their time researching and sorting out all kinds of information they find on the internet.
  3. You want group leaders to teach sound doctrine. Curriculum produced by Christian publishers are vetted for doctrinal accountability. The company I work for, LifeWay Christian Resources, has processes in place to ensure that no false doctrine creeps into the curriculum. Pastors and other church leaders are charged with the responsibility to guard the church’s doctrine.  If group leaders and group members are provided with Bible study materials created by a company such as LifeWay, you can rest assured that the doctrine will be orthodox and in agreement with your church’s conservative Christian doctrine. Plus, you won’t have to read every jot and tittle as a staff leader – it can free up dozens of hours of your time.

There are even more reasons, but I’m going to stop with just these three reasons why you cannot afford NOT to buy curriculum. What other benefits do you see? Remember, you can invest in your people’s discipleship for about a nickel a day. There’s no greater value on the planet than that!


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