Don’t forget the other 50%

A tried and true statistic in group life is that 50% of the people on your ministry list (class role) will be in attendance any time the group has an opportunity to gather for Bible study. If you have 20 people on a list, 10 will be in attendance, give or take 1 or 2 either direction. It’s just how group attendance works.

While I may be excited that I have 12 people in attendance, I must always close out my Bible study time with a reminder to myself that while 12 people participated in Bible study, another 12 did not. That means the moment my Bible study ends, ministry to the other 50% begins. I (or members of my group) must:

  • Make a few phone calls
  • Write a few letters or shorter notes of encouragement
  • Send an email
  • Drop by an absentee’s home to make a “porch visit”

This is one reason I’m in favor of smaller Bible study groups – it takes a lot of work to be a good Shepherd-Teacher. This is what shepherds do, they keep up with their sheep.


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