Using Zoom to teach your group online during COVID-19

I’ve begun a new podcast, The Sunday School Guy Podcast. It’s hosted by PodBean, and my inaugural episode is all about using Zoom ( which allows you to have online meetings. Zoom’s free version allows for a 40 minute session with up to 100 people in it.

The podcast is only 10 minutes, so check it out below if you’re going to lead your group to meet online during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Take a moment to click here to jump to PodBean and subscribe to the new Sunday School Guy Podcast. You’ll get new episodes delivered directly to you!

Shoulder to shoulder,




  1. Ken,
    We had 3 of our class meet in our home last week and had 2 others on Zoom. It takes a little getting used to using and is extremely important to keep people on track due to the time limit, but starting this Sunday everyone is going to be on Zoom. Most important thing is we are still interacting and caring for each other. Thanks for sharing your podcast and encouragement during these crazy times.

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  2. If I set up with zoom, does it provide access from either computer, cell phone, or land line?? We have some class members who will want to connect through their cell phone or land line phone. Will that work with the zoom free program?

    • Hello Donna, yes…a person could join the Zoom session by phone, laptop, or desktop computers. Only you as the leader would need to have Zoom downloaded to your computer…the people get an email link and can join in without having to have Zoom. Let me now how it goes if you choose to set it up and give it a try. – Ken

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