Bible Studies For Life, Session 5: “Sanctified”

Because groups may not be able to meet together, here is a 28 minute video of me teaching Session 5 of the current Bible Studies for Life series “Holy Vocabulary.” I’ve used a PowerPoint slideshow to showcase the Personal Study Guide as I teach through it for individuals and groups that need an easily accessible Bible study option while we are all practicing social distancing.


  1. Can you do one for Explore the Bible as well?

    Cindy Weatherall | Executive Assistant to Jon Huff
    Olive Baptist Church
    Office 850.475.1128

    • Hey Cindy, I wish I could, but I began recording this as a way for my church (an all-BSFL church) to do Bible study during COVID-19, so I was studying and preparing anyway. With my full time job at LifeWay, my blogging, writing, and now podcasting, I just don’t have the margin to study another Bible series and do a second video. Sorry about that. – Ken

  2. I am so thankful for your presentation of these lessons! This is such a good series, and I was so looking forward to teaching and discussing them with my class of older adult women. Unfortunately, all of them do not have access to technology; however, those of us who do are participating and appreciate them. Bless you!

  3. Thank you for your video! I so benefited from your teaching of our lesson. I lead an older ladies class at First Baptist Tillman’s Corner, Mobile AL. I was able to post the link to your excellent video on our FB group and to text the link to those not using FB.

    • Curtiss Ann, I am glad you found these on the blog! My church uses Bible Studies for Life and I originally recorded these for us so that groups and individuals could have some kind of Bible study experience. I realize these won’t be needed forever, but for the meantime I intend to continue recording them until the church is allowed to come back into her buildings! Thanks for the kudos…that means a lot that people are benefiting from these. – Ken

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