Free COVID-19 survey answers the question, “What are they thinking?”

I’m re-releasing this post because a link to the survey didn’t work. Use the link to the Facts & Trends article at the bottom to locate and download the free survey!


How do you know what your congregation is thinking and expecting from you as they prepare to return to your church? LifeWay Christian Resources has created a congregational survey and is sharing it for free. It’s in a Word document format, so you can add or delete questions.

You could use Survey Monkey to send out the survey (the free version limits you to 10 questions and 100 responses per month), or you can e-mail it to your members (or send it via “snail mail”) and request they send it back by a specific date.

I know you’ll find this survey helpful in getting a feel for what your people are thinking about returning to the church and their comfort level and expectations for the “re-entry.”

Read the article on Facts and Trends Magazine where the survey was introduced this week. Click here to jump to the article, “What Your Church Must Know Before Reopening Your Building.” You can download the survey directly from the site of this article.


By the way, if you were expecting me to post the weekly Bible Studies for Life teaching video, I’ll post it tomorrow morning. I wanted your church to have this survey ASAP!


  1. You are a FEAR monger!

    Where is your exhortation to have faith.

    There is 99.9 in percent chance of an individual being infected with covid 19. People like YOU are the problem.

    Where is your FAITH?

    • William, it looks like I hit a nerve with you. That wasn’t the intent. I have much faith, faith that God will do great things through this COVID crisis. Faith that His church will emerge stronger than before. Faith that more people will now hear the gospel because the church has moved online like never before. But faith doesn’t mean that I don’t use my God-given sensibilities and do nothing. Joseph knew a crisis was coming, yet he spent years preparing for famine, and he ultimately fed the world. Proverbs 23:21 says “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord,” so I know that we/humans must act and prepare, but trust God for the win. I am not a fear monger as you have accused me of being. I am simply asking church leaders to consider the risks associated when reopening, to pray, and to make whatever decisions they believe are best for their congregations and in compliance with local authorities’ directives to their communities. Pastors are shepherds; shepherds protect and guard their flocks. I know one pastor in my zip code who has just died because of COVID-19. I know people in my Bible study group who have relatives infected with the disease. Precautions must be taken so we protect the most vulnerable members of our congregations. This post has been viewed almost 650,000 times in the past week, and you are only the third person to make such an accusation – all others have been supportive and thankful for the questions to consider. And thanks for the attack on a fellow believer and brother in Christ. That tells me a lot.

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