Reopening Questions for the Church, Part 2

Last Saturday I published a blog post centered on 20 questions the church should consider before reopening. The post went viral and has had 621,673 views and hundreds of comments. Since releasing it, you have asked more questions that I had not considered in that first post.

This coming Saturday at 10:00 AM, I am releasing a “Part 2” version with all new questions that have come from you, the readers. There are some really great, practical questions in this question set. Watch for that release this coming Saturday. The two sets of questions should help our churches make initial decisions about how they will handle the return of the church to its buildings.

Shoulder to shoulder,

Ken Braddy



  1. Hi Ken,

    Here are my talking points for an upcoming Zoom gathering with our adult Sunday School leadership.
    ► What are some helpful tips and fun stories you would like to share with other Sunday School leaders from these days?
    ► What needs do your class members have? How are they responding to the needs of others?
    ► How has the Lord used these days for you and your class to grow in personal faith and corporate ministry?
    ► What lessons have we learned about being the church? What are the things that are truly valuable or essential for us in being the church?
    ► What things do you and your class want to preserve or continue from these days?
    ► What is the level of comfort and safety your class will want to have as we come out of the pandemic?
    ► Where is the Lord leading us into the future? What will be the legacy impact we have on our future family and the Hillcrest of the future?

  2. Thank for this information. Will there be a lesson sent out this week for Sunday, Apr 26?  Thanks.

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    • Hello Don. Yes. I just finished recording it and will post to my blog and YouTube channel for release at 8am tomorrow morning!

  3. RE: Back to church
    For those who are vulnerable and/or fearful, offer a first service to meet their needs. The church can make a special effort to prepare for their feel-safe worship.

    For those who’s age and health tends to protect them, go ahead with your church’s traditional service (with modest changes). individuals from the first group could choose to attend the second service, knowing there would be some increase in risk.

  4. Ken: For some reason I did not receive the post from Saturday, the 18th. Can you please tell me how I can retrieve that? Thank you

    • Hey Ramona. Come to and go to the April 18 post. I’m releasing another on tomorrow at 10AM with another list of 24 things to think about

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