5 Keys to Setting Goals for your Group

C.S. Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” While that applies to individuals, it is certainly true of Bible study groups, too. It’s never too late for a group to set a goal or dream a new dream. The problem is that most groups haven’t set goals and dreamed new dreams in a while. Does that describe your Bible study group? Is it time for you to set new goals? If the answer is yes, I have five recommendations for you as you focus your group on accomplishing new things:

  1. Think small. Goals don’t have to be big. In fact, big goals can be paralyzing. Consider starting with a smaller goal. Only you will know what that goal should be, but I can see some groups setting a goal of having 100% of the people on a certain date, or perhaps having a fellowship event that gets people together outside of the group time. Nothing fancy here – just a small goal to get things moving.
  2. Think one. This is the case of “less is more.” Accomplishing one goal at a time will create momentum over the long haul. The cumulative effect of individual goals being achieved will have many positive benefits. Some groups can handle multiple goals at one time, but for most of us, one at a time is plenty.
  3. Think quick. Do you remember the story of David and the origin of his “mighty men”? He gathered men who weren’t exactly “winners,” and the first thing David did was to lead them into a battle and into a quick victory (they weren’t used to winning in life). Quick wins are good wins, so ask yourself which win your group can accomplish the fastest. Quick wins give a group quick success and instill confidence in tackling future goals.
  4. Think all. A strong goal is one that everyone in the group can get behind. If everyone can participate in its accomplishment, you’ll build momentum and increase morale. Shared goals are good goals.
  5. Think next. As you and your group focus your attention on one goal that will give you a quick win, you should already be thinking about your next goal. When you are on the verge of accomplishing a goal, it’s time to introduce the next one.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about future goals for your group:

  • Contact every chronic absentee this month
  • Have a fellowship event
  • Pick a place in your community that needs help and lead your group to do a “Saturday Serve”
  • Begin praying for lost persons known by the members of your group
  • Send your pastor a note of thanks and encouragement, and perhaps pair that with a financial gift
  • Offer to adopt one of your church’s preschool classes and send a couple of group members there weekly to support the kids and that group’s primary teacher
  • Enlist a group greeter (or greeters) who serve as hosts when new people visit your group

C.S. Lewis had it right when he said you’re never too old to set new goals and dream new dreams. What goals will your group set, and what new dreams will you dream? Make sure the goals are small, singular, quick, and involve everyone, and you’ll be on the road to having a great group!


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